Instructor Profile

This section of the site is for apprenticeship instructors.

This section also contains all of the learning materials that you can use with, or assign to apprentices, and an informal skills evaluation and answer key for apprentice self-evaluation.

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Instructor Video Resources

Watch short videos to make full use of all of the learning materials, resources and project information. You will also find testimonial videos from other instructors who used the learning materials and resources and piloted a Skills Training Model in their programs. 

Instructor Materials

Within instructor materials you will find an Instructor Guide that contains tips on how to incorporate a Skills Training Model in your program and suggestions on how to incorporate the Success in Apprenticeship materials during technical training.

The Instructor Guide contains the following information:

  • Overview: Success in Apprenticeship at a glance
  • Details on the types of learning materials
  • Guidelines for selecting and using the materials
  • Talking points for introducing reading, using documents and numeracy skills
  • Links to additional resources

You will also find an Instructional Strategies Quick List for supporting skill development during technical training and a listing of all learning materials.

Skill Builders

Skill Builders are short lessons designed to help apprentices develop strategies for solving problems and completing tasks during apprenticeship learning and on the job.

There are 15 Skill Builders provided either as interactive modules that are completed on the website or as downloadable PDF documents with answer keys that are completed offline. 

Workplace Activities

Workplace Activities are contextualized exercises that use realistic workplace scenarios for skill practice. Workplace Activities are designed to allow apprentices to practice skills in reading, using documents and numeracy in a realistic manner.

Each workplace activity contains instructor notes, an answer key and a handout of the practice activity. There are 54 workplace activities categorized by skill area and provided as downloadable PDF documents. 

Math Practice Worksheets

Math Practice Worksheets are for groups or individuals who would benefit from extra practice completing basic calculations and using formulas. Math Practice Worksheets provide additional opportunities for fine-tuning math skills so they become more automatic during application.

There are 52 Math Practice Worksheets covering 9 math concepts. Each worksheet is 2 pages plus an answer key and is provided as a single downloadable PDF document.


The Locator provides an informal self-evaluation of reading, using documents and numeracy skills. This self-evaluation informs apprentices about some of their skill strengths and helps to identify areas for ongoing improvement.

The Locator contains a marking guide and answer key to help gauge the level of performance in each skill area. The results of the Locator are only a general indication of skill levels and are not intended for high-stakes situations or as a final judgement of skill levels. The Locator Preparation Guide, Questions (The Locator), and Answer Key & Marking Sheet are provided as downloadable PDF documents.