Apprentice Profile

This section of the site is for apprentices.

Here you will be able to access video resources, learning materials and a self-evaluation to: 

  • Learn more about your skills

  • Identify skills that are strong

  • Identify skills that need practice

  • Support your success in technical training

Apprentice Video Resources

In these short videos, you will hear directly from trades instructors who helped their apprentices strengthen their reading, using documents and numeracy skills by using the learning materials in their programs.

Learning Materials Summary List 

Download a listing of all Learning Materials that are part of Success in Apprenticeship.

Skill Builders

To build your skills, access the interactivities in the Skill Builder section of the site. These are short, interactive lessons that will help you develop the strategies needed for solving problems and completing tasks during apprenticeship learning and on the job. 

Workplace Activities

Once you feel comfortable with the Skill Builder strategies, try applying them in the Workplace Activities. These activities are a great way to practice applying your reading, using documents and numeracy skills in actual workplace-based scenarios. 

Math Practice Worksheets

Use the Math Practice Worksheets to tune up specific math skills. These worksheets give you additional opportunities to improve your skills so they become more automatic when you need to use them at work.


The Locator is an informal self-evaluation of reading, using documents and numeracy skills. Completing it will give you a sense of the skills that are working well and those that require more practice. Use the results of the Locator to make decisions about your learning needs or to share with your apprenticeship instructor for guidance on how to keep building these skills as you complete your apprenticeship.