Skill Builders

Learn new skill-based strategies for reading, using documents or numeracy by completing an interactive Skill Builder focused on a particular topic or strategy. Each Skill Builder contains an interactive lesson that shows you how to use the strategies identified to develop or refresh your skills in this area. A short practice opportunity allows you to try out what you are learning. 

Get started by choosing an interactive Skill Builder from one of the skill areas provided.


The online interactivities use only a limited number of pre-programmed responses when auto-marking responses. As a result, not all correct responses may be recognized.

If you submit a correct response and it is marked as incorrect, do not be discouraged.

A correct response that is similar to the answer the system provides but is marked incorrect only because of word choice or formatting, should still be considered correct.

For example, the answer “10” may be marked incorrect if a response is submitted as “ten”, or the answer “percentage” may be marked incorrect if a response is submitted as “percent” or “%”. In these examples, all the submitted answers mean the same thing as the pre-programmed correct response and should be considered correct.


Skill Builders: PDF versions

Want to work offline or print out the materials? Download PDF versions of each Skill Builder.

PDF versions