Evaluate skills in reading, using documents and numeracy using the Locator.

This informal self-evaluation provides information on skill strengths and helps to identify areas for ongoing improvement. The self-evaluation contains an answer key and to gauge the level of performance in each skill area.

The results of the Locator should only be used as a general indication of skills in each skill area and are not intended for high-stakes situations or as a final judgement of skills.

Use the Locator to:

  • learn more about existing skill levels in three skill areas

  • guide on-going learning or future skill development

  • inform potential skill development opportunities during an apprenticeship

  • gauge skill level improvement after practicing one or more skills 

  • receive progress updates from apprentices

  • prepare apprentices for formal skill evaluations that use constructed response such as TOWES


Locator Preparation Guide


Locator Answer Key & Marking Sheet


Important: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader DC installed on your computer to access the Locator. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC software.